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A Students First University

The 10-year strategic plan, Rowing, Not Drifting 2030,是在与大学利益相关者广泛合作的过程中开发出来的.

Letter from The President

Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 使我们对大学的愿景栩栩如生,并以我们的形式形成 vision statement, five vision elements, and 2030 outcomes 作为支持和服务于博天堂官方学生,教师, staff, alumni, and community. It guides the work of our five phases over the next decade, as well as the implementation of our supporting key actions and tactics.

A University Unlike Any Other

始建于1889年,坐落在落基山脉和科罗拉多州令人惊叹的高山之间 博天堂官方是一所公立博士研究型大学,致力于其专业的成功 学生,有100多个本科专业和120多个研究生专业. The 大学的专家教师和传统的研究和实践学习 学生有特殊的机会和个性化的教育.

About Our Community

博天堂官方的学生是多样化的,勤奋的,没有一个“标签”来定义 them. 他们独特的才能、兴趣和抱负丰富了大学的文化 and provides an environment unlike any other. 



这五个愿景要素和2030年成果是该大学综合规划的一部分 vision. It guides our work throughout the entire strategic plan.

From Vision to Action

Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 是一个活生生的文件,分为五个为期两年的阶段,将指导和建立 a broad foundation for UNC
to build upon. 2020年,大学从设想工作过渡到建立 头两年的主要行动和策略,确保机构一致性 with the strategic plan at all levels of the organization.

  • Phase I

    July, 1 2020 -
    June 30, 2022

    Infrastructure: Establishing a foundation for success 

  • Phase II

    July 1, 2022 - 
    June 30 2024

    Implementation: Building on foundational work  

  • Phase III

    July 1, 2024 - 
    June 30 2026

    Maturing: Deepening our impact

  • Phase IV

    July 1, 2026 - 
    June 30 2028

    Attending: Ensuring continued progress

  • Phase V

    July 1, 2028 - 
    June 30 2030

    Transitioning: Completing the plan and preparing for the next iteration

Measuring Success

大学将跟踪、测量和报告每两年阶段的进展 the entire strategic plan. Every two years, the university will engage collectively 为下一阶段的计划制定新的关键行动和策略. These new 关键的行动和策略将建立在前一阶段的成功基础上. Each 大学的成员将有机会提供输入,分享想法,和 期望以有意义的方式为当前和未来做出贡献 key actions and tactics.

In this manner, Rowing Not Drifting 2030 is not a document; rather, it is a process that is embedded in the UNC culture of continuous growth.

Andy Feinstein

我们大学社区的每个成员和每个单位都有自己的贡献 在实现我们对博天堂官方更光明未来的愿景的征程上 2030. I invite you to reflect upon the key actions and tactics 确定你可以采取的步骤来支持我们的愿景和目标的实现 outcomes we have articulated.
-Andy Feinstein, UNC President

4月26日星期二,范斯坦总统主持了战略计划市政厅会议 university community. Results of a university-wide Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 survey 在高层共享,大学征求反馈博天堂官方网站 Phase 1 of the strategic plan and sought input for Phase 2. University leadership 介绍了在第二阶段确定的初步关键行动 with potential tactics to be associated with each key action. Roundtable discussions occurred after the presentation from executive leaders. 

Phase 2 Feedback